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National Poetry Month 2009 4.6 The Far Mountains

Written in response to Bud’s prompt 6: Juxtaposition

 The Far Mountains

A mantle white has freshly fallen on the far mountains,
     But through the dirty window
     Crowd grimy cars on the pavement
A crisp curtain of blue crests the peaks,
     And the highway’s rumbling trucks
     Fling their blackened mist
High and low the horizon hops in a pulse line,
     Yet the angular rooftops
     Creep relentlessly across the plain
Situated in marvelous splendor the scene unfolds,
     For the straight concrete barriers
     Feign creation in mocking assembly
Toward the skies the summits soar,
     So progress itself is even outreached
     Revealing feeble hubris


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National Poetry Month 2009 4.5 The Fizz

For Bud’s prompt 5, I submit this one inspired as I watched my son immediately dive into his drink after it was dispensed from a soda fountain machine.

The Fizz

He likes to drink the fizz

            From the top of pop

Fizz! Fizz! Fizz!

            His eyes bulge

His lips pucker

Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!

            And a grin

His eyes twinkle

His lips curl at the edges

He’s captured the fleeting effervescence

            Of bits of dancing bubbles

Too quickly the fizz flattens and flees

            Into the air

Like the breath of youth

            Which, once exhaled,

            Becomes the vapor of memory

In the mind of a father

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National Poetry Month 2009 4.4 Bottles

This poem, while inspired through the  photo prompt, stands well alone and is better with it. In response to Bud’s prompt for today, I thought I would experiment with structure, form, and meaning even more.

As an English teacher I sometimes find it annoying when writers seemingly leave us in the dark, grasping to find the light they may have only seen. This feels particulary true with poetry and often shows up in the popular attitudes that poetry is inaccessible only to a few learned so as to not be understood,  or that it is pedantic and trite  warranting no further intellectual investment. As a a result, poetry has lost its place among everyday people and I find that very disturbing on so many levels.

Anyway, I digress. In the poem below, I have deliberately played with the structure intending each though to be encapsulated in the three lines in the 1-2-3 form. That form has multiple meanings for me (and I hope for the reader): person-other-whole; you-me-us; creator-created-creation; and, well, you get the point. Additionally, the poem stands as a whole when read traditionally left to right, but each column is intended to be a complete poem in itself representing another perspective or dimension of the idea. The last phrase ends two of the four poems and can end the first and second column poem as well.

I didn’t intend to write it like this from the begining, but after the 6th line, I really didn’t have a choice. I hope you enjoy it.


Photo Credit: gierszewski via Bud Hunt

Photo Credit: gierszewski via Bud Hunt

     With intention
            Filled with purpose
     Life flavors 
            Our experience splashes
     In moments
             Of human hues
     For us
            Revealed by others
     Fleeting feelings
            And subtle shades
     Unique contrasts
            Illuminated in prisms
     To be
            Filled with light
     Wholly made
            As is intended

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National Poetry Month 2009 4.3 No Time

Bud’s Prompt 3 led me to compose this one. If I had more time, I’d make it better ;-D If you want to make it better, feel free and count that as your National Poetry Month exercise for the day.

Without time for a poem
Our minds will stop growin’
The rub, while not right,
Is that even to write
Doesn’t stop time a goin’

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National Poetry Month 2009 4.2 A Book

In response to Bud’s prompt 1

A Book

A book
Full of words
Line by line
The story revealed

A book
Pages numbered
Turn by turn
The story told

A book
Letter by letter
The story crafted

The page
Contains its lines

The lines
Contain their words

The words
Without their links
Before and aft

Each word hangs on the next
As each breath mists into another
Each grows
As the days grow to weeks
And the weeks to months
And the months to years
And the years
A lifetime

The letter second
The word minute
The sentence day
The page month
The chapter year
The book lifetime

Authored artfully
Made meticulously
Crafted carefully
Composed consciously

As randomness contradicts purpose
So does meaninglessness life

The chapter complete
In its number
Fails the book
In its sole telling

The sentence powerful
In its wholeness
Fails the story
In its only completeness

The word essential
In its purpose
Fails the sentence
In its isolation

The letter necessary
In its formation
Fails the word
In its scrutiny

The letter makes the word
The word makes the sentence
The sentence the page
The page the chapter
The chapter the story

To disentangle a sentence from a book
May reveal a morsel
The sentence hangs in the air
But a brief moment
Revealing itself
Hinting at its purpose
In the grand design

But it falls
Lifeless as a petal plucked

Its purpose lost in the extrication and isolation
Pointless parsing
The whole lost
On one

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